Gabriel Romero - Canada & Mexique

Gabriel is the General coordinator of Caravanas de Mexico. I am a traveler passionate of my country, a tour guide and a travel agent. I worked for 12 years as a guide-interpreter for RV caravans in the United States and Quebec, with five different routes in Mexico, and then another 5 years as a guide for European groups in Mexico. Since we created our own Caravanas de Mexico RV Tours SA de CV Company, for the past ten years, I have been responsible for coordinating logistics and the various services for English and French caravans in Mexico, including itineraries, reservations campgrounds, accompaniment by the Green Angels and all elements for the tours of our caravan circuits and circuits off-caravan, always having priority to ensure comfort, safety, well-being and the amusement of our appreciable customers who decide to spend the winter in this fascinating and warm country that is Mexico.

Paul & Jill Beddows - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Paul & Jill are a brother & sister team. Paul & Jill have led Mexican caravans before, and Paul has led a US one with his wife. Paul is a well known author of articles on RVing in Mexico, having written articles for RV Life, RV Snowbirds, RV Explorer, RV Times and Trailer Life, among others. Paul presents many seminars at various RV Shows. Paul is responsible for the orientation of our customers. He often shows up during our Spring Caravans with his wife, Terry. Paul is a world traveler and has visited over 50 countries including a couple of jails, and even been held by Palestinian Fedayeen, among other misadventures. This has contributed to his warped sense of humor. Both Paul & Jill were born in Britain and immigrated to Canada as kids. Jill spent most of her life as a stay at home mother. Customers seem to love her and her zest for life, despite having MS. Paul also leads some caravans with his wife, Terry. Paul, Terry & Jill will be leading the Fall 2017 Yucatan loop.

Mike & Yvonne Maddox - full-time RVers

Mike & Yvonne have been full-time RVers for about 2 years. They have 5 young adult children and 2 grandchildren. Michael is a retired firefighter who was with the City of Houston Fire Department for 32 ½ years. Yvonne has a degree in Computer Science and owns a web design and marketing business called Jax-Works SEO & Web. They own 2 RVs, both Roadtreks, and an Eagle bus, but they haven’t used the bus on the road yet! Yvonne’s parents lived in Mexico for 25 years and Michael and Yvonne have been traveling to Mexico for years...they enjoy traveling there for its beautiful scenery and wonderful people.

Gary & Judy Burgess - Chiliwack, BC, Canada

Gary & Judy have led our Spring loop in the past. They are scheduled to lead an Eclipse tour in 2024 if not one sooner. Gary was a contractor and a Hockey coach, a skill he uses to keep customers behaving properly. Judy was a banker & financial advisor.

Shaun & Toby Inta - Nashville, US

Shaun & Toby are our newest & youngest set of Wagon Master. They are a same sex couple from Nashville. Tjhey are fiull timers, doing things like managing RV parks in summer. We expect them to add a new level of energy to our caravans. They are leading our Copper Canyon trip in 2018.

Yves & Francine Currier - Québec, Canada

Yves and Francine are the most experimented wagon masters. Since 1982 the led over 30 caravans in both English & French in Mexico. For Yves, safety comes first! Yves and Francine will guide you through the history of Mexico with a well planned and all inclusive tour.