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Caravanas de Mexico RV tours S.A. de C.V is a Mexican Travel Agency specializing in organizing RV Caravan Tours in Mexico. Our first priority with the current Covid-19 crisis was to ensure all our current caravans inside Mexico were safely escorted out of the country and our customers safely on their way home. We accomplished this successfully during the last 2 weeks of March.

The Republic of Mexico is currently in Phase 3 of its national emergency (April 21). The peak of the pandemic appears to be manifesting itself a bit later than is the case in the United States. We are therefore suspending our operations from the end of March until the 30 of May, 2020. We will re-assess the position at that date. We fully intend to run all our scheduled programs for the 2020/2021 season at this time. As we have done for the past 30 years we will operate as conditions allow, and serve our customers to the best of our abilities.

We hope, as all of us do, that this unprecedented situation resolves by the summer, and we can resume our plans and schedules for the upcoming season, which starts by the end of November 2020. Our first priority is, and always has been, the safety of our customers. We thank you for your understanding. Gabriel Romero. CEO, Caravanas de Mexico.

Escape Winter, book now for the trip of a lifetime with our Mexico RV Caravan Tours

Caravanas de Mexico offers you 30 years of experience leading and coordinating professional services for RV caravans throughout Mexico. Gabriel Romero is the owner of Caravanas de Mexico. He is also a travel agent and tour guide in Mexico and speaks several languages fluently (English, Spanish, French and Italian). Read Gabriel's profile

Caravanas de Mexico is a registered RV caravan company authorized to operate anywhere in Mexico and offers you the best prices on RV tours and excursions. We live in Mexico, and we know Mexico (see certification documents) . We also organize tours and logistics for many other RV caravan operators. We are particularly targeting "Snowbirds" who want longer RV tours and we invite also those who have only a few weeks to come and experience Mexico.

Caravan RV Tours

"All inclusive" : visits to colonial towns, magical villages, beaches, camping, nights in the hotel, excursions + meals included.(# of excursions varies according to season)

Excursions / Off caravans

Copper Canyon
4 days including: train tickets, 3 nights in hotel, 10 meals, spectacular cable car, guided tours, transfers from the RV park to and from the Railway station in El Fuerte.

Long stay - direct

Nogales / Mazatlan / Nayarit / Melaque ...
Escort caravan services between the border of the USA and Mexico. Departure October 2017 (Nogales). Return March and April to Nogales.


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What our clients say about us ( interviews and testimonials )

Danielle - full time rving

What prompted you to do this caravan?  I had previously visited Baja California in my van, but I wanted to see the mainland of Mexico, and I was concerned about safety traveling alone. That concern has been alleviated. 

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Larry & Anne, retired

What is your impressions of the caravan? This is our first time with a caravan. The people we have met and the tours we have taken far surpass our expectations. We are amazed at the beauty of areas of the country.

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Bob, Betty & their dog Reza

Have you felt safe traveling around Mexico? Absolutely. We decided that we wanted to see Mexico as part of a safe and escorted trip. The Green Angels were more than helpful when they accompanied us.

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  • "Caravanas de Mexico conducts tours in 5 different languages, including English, French, Spanish. Most importantly, Sr. Romero and his crew know and understand Mexico and are likely to give you a Mexican perspective that might be missing from similar trips run by other caravan operators. To me, that makes his tours twice as valuable". This testimonial is from Mexico Mike, who is considered one of the main "Gurus" for Mexico

    Mexico Mikewww.mexicomike.com
  • We just got back from a fabulous 3 month Caravan Trip thru Mexico. Sure there were problems along the way that arose and were solved by working together. When we got home and received our MasterCard statement, we were horrified. There was an extra charge of $615.55 (8000 pesos) on it from a Pemex station in Los Mochis. We tried dealing with BMO ourselves, but without a receipt, we got nowhere, also got no results at phoning the Pemex head office. Got a hold of our Wagon Master, Paul Beddows. We were going to go to the police , but Paul took it upon himself to try and get a hold of the Pemex station we stopped at. lt was strange at that station, they would not take cash ,only credit card- He sent them al our info in Spanish, bank statement etc, which had our credit card #s on, but we had already cancelled those #'s. After 2 weeks of not hearing anything, we went back to BMO again. Still no results from them, so Paul on our behalf sent an email to the BMO ombudsman. ln the meantime I was doing an extra cleaning job on our Motorhome for another trip & found the receipt from the gas station. Now what! Got a hold of Paul again, sent him the copy of the receipt, he then sent it to the ombudsman. Got a phone call from BMO they would look into it. A week later I phoned them to find out what the score was, they agreed to reimburse us of the $615.55, as we were good and valued customers. I don't know whether they did anything about Pemex or not, but if it was not for Paul Beddows stepping up to the plate on our behalf we would have been dooped. Remember it is very important to insist on a receipt if using a credit card & put it in a safe place. Thank you Paul ! Spring 2016 spring Caravan

    Jim & Betty
  • I am a 68 year old single female who travels in a Class B vehicle. This was my first caravan and it exceeded my expectations. I got to see and tour so much more of Mexico than I would on my own. This caravan also helped to alleviate the "safety issue" about traveling in Mexico. I would not hesitate to come back to the areas visited on my own. My traveling companions were very receptive to a single person traveling alone and I never felt left out because of that factor. With this company you get what you pay for. All RV parks fees are included as well as all tours and a lot of higher end meals. The wagon master and green Angels are there in case of emergencies and all the routes are planned for you. What more can you ask for I felt that I received a lot for the amount charged. Spring 2016 spring Caravan

  • The main attraction to the Mexico RV caravan was a visit to the Copper Canyon with the safety of traveling with group of other RVers. Our wagon masters proved to be great guides and we were able to see ares of Mexico we would have never traveled on our own. Excellent experience. Spring 2016 spring Caravan

    Larry & Anne
  • Wonderful ...I cannot express how great the people involved with this RV Caravan was from start to finish. Wagon Masters - outstanding. No complaints, only praise I have never done so much or had so much fun on a tour and this is the third one I have been on. I would like to give great praise to Charlie. (note Charlie is our Copper canyon Guide)...When I was asked to have someone ride with me I had reservations, even though I am pretty easy going. Charlie was the most intelligent supportive and knowledgeable person I have ever had the pleasure to meet. If I could have had a son I would wish he were exactly like Charlie. Spring 2016 short Caravan

  • I would recommend any trip of this type. Fall 2015 Caravan (small 4 rig caravan).

    Frank & Lynn
  • This RV tour is well worth the cost. The assistance at every step of the way was invaluable: Helping with the vehicle entry at 21 km; Getting us from one campsite/RV park to the next; Tour guides that helped us see and enjoy things at every stop that otherwise would have been missed/overlooked. Fall 2014 Caravan (note this was a small 3 rig trip to establish a new route)

    Tom & Nancy
  • Overall the caravan was a rewarding experience. We thank you for your efforts. Spring 2014

  • Speed was not kept consistent. There were rigs that were not keeping up to the caravan which causes a bit of hostility at times. Tequilla tour was disappointing, the factory was boring and no time to see the city. The country tour from Mazatlan was fantastic,very interesting and entertaining, a picture of the true Mexico Juan Carlos our guide was EXCELLENT. Copper Canyon was excellent and lunch in the country was special. Spring 2014

  • The planned tours and meals were great most of time so thanks. Yves was wonderful and I enjoyed him very much. Green angles were a real comfort to have. If you can fix communication between vehicles--great. Could not hear sometimes. The fact that we had GREAT travel companions made the trip better. Spring 2014

  • What a wonderful trip. The experience exceeded our expectations! The tours kept us busy and well informed about the areas we were visiting. The Green Angels were a wonderful addition. Great fun, great people, great memories! Spring 2014

    John & Debbi
  • Great introduction to Mexico. Clarified border procedures and took care of road routing and campground selection. We totally enjoyed the Mexican experience - friendly, happy people and we never had a hassle anywhere. Be prepared to explore at each of the stops - there is so much to see and join in - especially the food. Spring 2014

    Graeme & Jackie
  • Our Wagon Master, Yves, was excellent! He was a caring and concerned leader and helped out in so many ways with so many different problems, along with being so knowledgeable and helping with RV problems etc! He was personable and well liked! He really made this Caravan work well! Yves, you are the best there is in the business! Spring 2014

    Cal & Rae

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